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  • PHYTO5. Energetic Skincare! New to Scotland!

    Made in Switzerland, the skincare line abounds with natural ingredients such as clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils. These face, scalp and body products were created with a unique philosophy in mind - that as they soothe and renew our bodies, they must also rebalance and replenish our inner flow of energy, because the body is not just matter, but 'vital enegy' as well!! PHYTO 5 products are based on the 5 Elements of traditional Chinese medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are designed to restore and maintain the body's holistic balance of nature. PHYTO 5 includes 5 mini lines corresponding to each group of skin conditions. They are also in harmony with the energy of each energetic season.

  • PHYTO5 Element Facial

    Personalised to your energetic skin condition. The face refelcts the elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Gentle deep cleansing and nourishing exfoliation revitalises the skin. Creams, Serums and Masks bursting with Vit C, Antioxidants and Essential oils are used to treat and restore your natural beauty

  • PHYTO5 Element Signature Facial

    Balancing and Harmonising
    All five Organic energies are reflected on the face, as well as the hormonal energy, making the face a mirror of our internal activity. All five elements and reflex zones are attended to during this treatment with our famous 5 Clay mask application.

  • PHYTO5 Ageless Facial.

    Pure and Lasting Organic Beauty!!
    This Luxurious anti-age solution is effective yet natural and holistic. This Professional treatment is composed of highly efficient Organic Certified products. Using our unique Ageless La Cure range of products we aim to support the five major aesthetic skin conditions:

    essential hydration
    addition of needed minerals
    lines and wrinkles filled from within
    age defying anti-oxidants fighting free radicals
    lifting, firming and toning.